Project 2 Interviewing

This project is intended to develop skills and knowledge about interviewing.


This site will help you to identify relevant questions that you will pose to the interviewee that you choose.

Do the following steps:

  • Identify a person to interview.  This person must be accessible, knowledgeable and connected to a story that you want to tell.
  • Contact the interviewee and set up a time for the interview.
  • Use the link above or use other resources to develop at least 10 questions to ask the interviewee
  • Conduct the interview using the questions that you have developed and edited
  • While doing the interview, you may have to identify additional questions to ask the interviewee.  Are you prepared for the unexpected?
  • Record (audio) the interview.  You can also videotape the interview but keep the camera on a medium shot of the interviewee.  The focus is audio only for this project.
  • Listen to the interview recording, transcribe its contents in MS Word as a .doc
  • Identify several of the best portions of the interview you produced and post those to your blog
  • Repeat this process with a different interviewee.  Perhaps you will use the same questions from the previous interview, perhaps not.  You will add new questions as you make progress

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